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Brent Lewis Blog

Streamlining Success: Best Practices in Water Infrastructure Design

Dallas, TX, February 20, 2024 - Brent Lewis, with over two decades of experience in Civil Engineering, brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Senior Associate at RLG,...
Dustin Swart - Blog

Building Beyond Boundaries: RLG’s Impact on Healthcare Facility Design

Dustin Swart, PE, has more than 15 years of structural engineering experience. As an Associate in the Structural Department, Dustin leads and collaborates with clients, designers, architects, engineers, and construction...
Headline: "Designing for Healing: RLG's approach to Healthcare Facility Challenges, An Interview with Phillip, Brugger, PE"

Designing for Healing: RLG’s Approach to Healthcare Facility Challenges

Phillip Brugger, PE, currently serves as RLG's Associate Principal and is one of the leaders in the Civil Department. With 25 years of civil engineering experience, His years of experience...