Fair Park Coliseum


Civil Engineering and Survey


Location: Dallas, TX

Category: Municipal


The Coliseum is an arena in Fair Park with 5,768 seats built in 1955. After years of decline, the City of Dallas decided to renovate the existing Coliseum space to provide an arena setting for events such as the State Fair of Texas, concerts, sports events, and more. The City of Dallas hired Hahnfield Hoffer and Stanford Architects for the Coliseum Renovation Project. RLG did civil engineering and survey work for the project.
Our survey team performed a topographic and improvement survey to prepare for our civil design work. The RLG Civil team provided paving, drainage, and grading for the existing Coliseum. The age of the building proved to be a challenge due to limited record drawings. During construction, workers discovered an storm drain pipe with no record design information. RLG’s civil team was able to assess that there was enough permitted grade change to avoid this pipe with a prosposed storm drainage pipe carrying water from the loading area to the discharge point in the adjacent parking lot. This pipe was not touched so the project could stay on track and the existing building system would not be disturbed with the introduction of additional stormwater.
The original 1950’s design aesthetics had to be considered during the design phase. The original pavement featured a exposed aggregate texture under the overhanding portions of the building and the new pavement in those areas needed to match. RLG and the architect worked together to match the surface of the original exposed aggregate pavement and keep the original aesthetics of the building and meet the requirements from the City of Dallas.

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