Forensics | Repair | Strengthening

Forensic Services:

  • Cause and Origin Analysis
  • Storm Damage Assessment
  • Foundation Evaluation
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Moisture Infiltration Study

 Renovation Specialization:

  • Peer Review, Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Historic Preservation
  • Building Envelope and Cladding
  • Fire Damage Assessment and Repair
  • Parking Garage Restoration
  • Litigation Support


Our long history as a firm, working on a variety of building types and construction materials and our numerous successfully completed renovation projects, provides us with a unique perspective for forensic and renovation projects. Our rich knowledge of building construction enables us to provide timely and accurate assessments. Whether a property owner is trying to better understand or improve the performance of their building, an attorney needs a consultation or expert witness, or an insurance adjuster needs technical guidance on a claim, our Forensics |  team can evaluate the current conditions to answer the appropriate questions and recommend solutions.

Because building problems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we offer a full range of investigative and assessment services. Our team is available for emergency response and we have the staff to provide portfolio or campus wide assessments. Our engineers have served as expert witness on cases of foundation movement, construction vibration, premises liability, storm damage, and roofing construction.

Our Forensic team is experienced with nondestructive equipment such as ground penetrating radar, impact echo, ASR detection, and other testing devices.

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